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Complex Bowel Care




This workshop teaches carers and support staff who support people to manage their bowel health, the theoretical and practical knowledge in complex bowel care as part of providing a specialist level of personal support.


It aims to provide an understanding of the correct, best practice techniques and methods for complex bowel care. It also emphasizes the value of privacy, dignity, and respect for the service user.

This workshop covers:
  • Basic anatomy of the digestive system
  • The importance of bowel care
  • Bowel health and functioning
  • Infection control prevention and procedures 
  • Issues and causes affecting bowel function, particularly for people with complex health conditions
  • Signs and symptoms of bowel problems and dysfunction, and related risks.
  • Monitoring and supporting bowel health
  • Documenting bowel patterns and changes
  • Intervention options and techniques, including conditions requiring intervention by a health professional.

Please note:  Participants will be issued with a certificate of completion valid for a period of 1 year.

ONLINE WEBINARS are conducted live and include demonstrations by experienced trainers.  Participants will be sent a training kit with resources to enable them to be assessed.

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