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Tracheostomy Care





The aim of our tracheostomy workshop is to familiarise carers and support staff with the reasons why tracheostomy is required as well as the care and management requirements of a tracheostomy.


This workshop aims to ensure carers and support staff has sufficient knowledge to work with an individual with a tracheostomy safely and efficiently.
This workshop is vital for anybody that cares or supports a person who has a tracheostomy.
Participants will be issued with certificates of attendance valid for a period of 1 year.

Target Audience:

Carers and existing support staff workers

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Theory and practical

Program Benefits:


  • Practical session using mannequin & suction machine
  • Different types of tracheostomy
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Complications of tracheostomy
  • Changing dressings and keeping the area clean
  • Fitting, managing and changing an inner cannula tube
  • Suctioning a patient with a tracheostomy
  • Full tube change procedure

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