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Available Workshops

Computer Skills

If you’re new to computers and the internet, or just want to update your skills, this workshop will show you how.

Positive Approaches to Behaviour Management

The 3 or 6 hour workshop focuses on the nature and underlying causes of behaviours, redirecting and using positive strategies to manage behaviours of concern. It will build participant’s confidence and practical skills by using real case studies, whilst analysing and reflecting on their own previous experiences.

Practical Strategies for working with Autism

This workshop focuses on understanding the Autism Spectrum, its prevalence, diagnosis and key issues. It will aim to develop positive strategies to work with and better support individuals with autism using real case scenarios.

Utilising Technology to Communicate with Clients

Proloquo2go is a flexible and easy to use program that anyone can use through an iPad or iPhone. Learn about how this app can help you reduce behaviours and implement a true person-centred approach to your service.
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