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Make a difference in someone’s life


Innovative Training Solutions



At Set2Learn nothing is impossible. We are always looking at new, innovative ways to meet your learning needs.

Forward Thinking

We strive to prepare workers for the future. Looking at technology and better ways to meet the needs of clients.

Problem Solvers

We all work towards the same goals and Set2Learn is there to work with individuals and organisations to address issues and embrace the challenges of today’s world.

Learner Support

You as a learner are the most important person in our organisation. We will walk side by side and support, encourage and empower you to take on your new journey.

Our Approach

Welcome to Set2Learn where we strive to create a positive learning culture, providing learners and industry with innovative and effective training solutions that address current and future workforce demands.  We aim to provide quality training to the community, disability and aged care sectors.

With increasing demand for aged care and disabilities workers it is projected that by 2050 there will be an estimated 1.3 million aged care workers – an increase from 350,000 in 2012.  Currently, Australia is adopting a more consumer-directed models where contestable funding will put more pressure on organisations to have skilled support workers that can manage and assist clients with increasingly complex needs.

Set2Learn is run and operated by experienced professionals who also have children with disabilities. Our aim is to improve the quality of service and therefore improve the quality of life of people with disabilities. We aim to empower people within the community, family members and people with disabilities to:

A positive attitude is the key to challenge stereotypes,

achieve goals and be happy.

Our Mission

To lead a team of innovators and be a catalyst for change in the VET sector, and by doing so provide learners and industry alike with innovative and effective training solutions that address current and future workforce demands.

Our Vision

To build a positive and inclusive learning culture for learners and the community as whole so that students can become the protagonist and authors in their own personal journey with teachers as mentors and guides.

At SET2LEARN we encourage critical and creative thinking to tackle challenges presented by clients and society. We offer project based learning to provide opportunities for authentic learning for our students and improve services and hence quality of life for people with disability and the aged.